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COVID-19 Announcement 13/05/2020


Saunton Beach car park is aiming to reopen on Monday May 18th.

The car park and beach will be open to allow season ticket holders and locals to pursue exercise in line with new government guidelines.

The government has promoted a ‘common sense’ approach to the new situation and we sincerely encourage members of the public to follow this sentiment.

We ask that visitors come to the beach sufficiently prepared to protect themselves (gloves, sanitizer) and respect social distancing advice – especially in common public areas such as pay terminals and access points.

While we will be taking basic measures to keep common areas safe, amenities at the beach will be limited – the council has no plans to open the toilets as yet and there will be reduced waste collection.

The decision to reopen has not been taken lightly and follows discussions with all the beach based businesses (which will be following their own timetable to opening – please see individual pages), the office of the local MP and local authorities.

As with all local beaches, we are in a difficult position. We are trying to balance locals’ calls to open and allow access for safe exercise, with concerns about the consequences of sending out an ‘open beach’ message to visitors from outside the area.

The national message about tourist travel is very clear – until further notice, all visits need to be completed within a day trip.

We cannot be responsible for policing what is government policy. We also feel a duty to allow people to access their local beach and benefit from exercise opportunities.

We appreciate that this decision will divide local opinion. However, we will be doing what we can to make this work for the best, monitor the situation very closely and be prepared to react if the situation becomes untenable.

We would ask the community to stay safe, respect guidelines and work with us to find a way through this situation, as it looks like the ‘new normal’ is going to be with us for quite some time to come.

As previously posted, ALL season tickets have been automatically extended for 8 weeks to cover the period that the Car Park has been closed for.

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