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Season Tickets

Your 4 Car Season Ticket

Season Tickets

As we renew Season Tickets, we will be checking V5 documents. Please make sure that you have them available. All vehicles on a single pass must be registered to the same address.

From 21st March 2024: £230

The Saunton Beach Car Park Season Ticket is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Up to 3 additional vehicles may be added to the ticket free of charge (all vehicles must be registered to the same domestic address). Only one vehicle may use the Season Ticket at any one time. Parking subject to availability of spaces. Application forms can be found at the beach shop. Click here for full information about season tickets.

The Car Park system is managed by Parkeon, part of the Flowbird Group. View their Privacy Policy. View their GDPR Compliance Statement.

Saunton Beach Car Park Privacy Notice

Prices correct as of March 2021.

Season ticket benefits:

+ Provision for up to 3 extra vehicles to be added to the ticket for free

+ A full 12-month validity period from the date of purchase

To apply for a Season Ticket, please visit the Beach Shop to pick up an application form.

The Details

Our 4 Car Policy

Your season ticket will allow for up to 3 extra registration numbers to be added to the ticket, free of charge.

Only one vehicle will be entitled use the ticket at any one time.

If more than one vehicle registered on the ticket wish to use the car park simultaneously, the first car to enter will be entitled to free parking, whilst the other vehicles will be required to pay the standard hourly tariff (please see below for further details).

We will need to see the V5 for all vehicles you wish to register in order to process your application.

Will I need to visit the Pay Station if I have a Season Ticket?

If you have 2 or more vehicles registered on your Season Ticket, you will need to visit the Pay Station before you exit.

If the two or more registered vehicles are using the car park at the same time, the vehicles last to enter will be need to pay the standard tariff. The vehicle that was first to enter will not be charged (the pay station will display a “no charge” message), but all vehicle drivers must visit a pay station.

If you only have one vehicle registered on your Season Ticket, you will not be required to visit the pay stations at any time. You may simply drive in and out at will.

There will be a 20-minute exit period in which to leave the car park, after visiting the pay station.

Out of Hours Visiting

When visiting out of hours, both vehicles may use the car park for free. If the entire duration of your stay remains within non-charging hours, you will not have to visit a pay station before leaving. If, however, you arrive or exit within charging hours, you will need to visit a pay station to pay for the chargeable portion of your stay.

Assigning a ‘Primary’ Vehicle

When you complete the Season Ticket registration form, you will be asked to nominate a ‘primary’ registration number.

12-Month Validity Period

Saunton Season Tickets are valid for a full 12 months from the date of purchase. After this 12-month period is up, the ticket will automatically expire on our system. To help you to remember when to renew, the window sticker for the primary vehicle will be marked with an expiry date.

Are Sandy Lane Season Tickets still available?

From June 2018 Sandy Lane is under new management. Please visit Sandy Lane Car Park for season ticket information.

What about members of Saunton Surf Life Saving Club?

We are working closely with SSSLC to be able to offer free parking to club members during club meeting hours. There will also be agreed ‘drop off’ and ‘pick up’ times either side of these hours. This means that if you’ve previously bought a Season Ticket simply to take part in club activities, this time will now be free.

Club members who use the car park outside of club hours will be charged as per normal. Therefore, club members will have to visit the pay station before exiting the car park, regardless of whether they are parking within club hours. The pay station will display a “no charge” message to members visiting within club hours.

What will the charge be for a change of details?

There will be a £10 admin fee to change the details of a registered vehicle.

What will the hourly tariff be?

An hourly tariff allows beach users to pay only for the time they use in the car park. Therefore, depending on individual usage, it may be cheaper for some users to use the ‘pay as you go’ system, rather than buy a season ticket. Click here to see the new hourly rates.

Prices and information correct as of March 2021.

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