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Dog Walking Walking on the beach

Saunton is a hugely dog friendly beach that welcomes waggy tails 365 days of the year making it a perfect location to holiday with your dog – even more so if you choose to stay at Saunton Beach Villas who welcome visitors with four legged friends to stay.

The simple and effective zoning on the beach means that you only have to have you dog on its lead for the first five minutes of your walk, after which point you have 3 and half miles of golden sand for them to wear you out on!  Alternatively you are able to cut through the car park and straight on to the dunes that lead to the beach where no lead is required.

The land owners would respectfully request that a sensible approach to dog ownership is exercised in keeping your pet on the lead whilst in the car park for their own safety.

There are numerous dog waste bins and bags are provided by the beach operators around the site, in easy to find locations.

Please keep dogs on lead inside the fenced area of the dunes.

Saunton Beach is also proud to support Dogs Helping Kids, Puppy Gurus and have donated to other canine charitable causes such as Dogs Trust Ilfracombe.

Please find below a list of numbers that may be useful to you and your pet during your visit to Saunton Beach, we hope you enjoy your walk!

  • Argyle Vetinary Clinic – (01271) 812405
  • Charter Vets – (01271) 812160
  • Mullacot Vetinary Centre – (01271) 866770
  • Top and Tails (pet shop) – (01271) 814733
  • Melian Pet Supplies – (01271) 813038
  • North Devon Animal Ambulance – 07817 995751
  • Dog Warden (North Devon District Council) – (01271) 327711 office hours (01271) 388240 – out of hours 327711
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